Uehlein & Associates, LLC

Uehlein & Associates, LLC is the captive law firm for IRG and ISG. Its member attorneys and paralegals handle IRG’s and ISG’s legal and litigation matters throughout the United States. Our attorneys have experience litigating the following types of issues with notable success:

  • Actions against insureds who have been paid for fraudulent claims
  • Actions on product liability claims
  • Actions on construction defects claims
  • Actions against brokers and insurance agents for negligence causing insurers to be liable to the insured
  • Actions for spoliation of evidence
  • Actions against state funds resulting in seminal cases in the workers’ compensation industry resulting in millions of recovered dollars
  • Actions to recover on workers’ compensation liens
  • Actions to establish the right to reimbursement  from state funds where pre-existing impairment contributes to disability
  • Actions to establish rights of Trustees to recover funds denied reimbursement by state funds as a result of insolvency
  • Actions to establish a workers’ compensation insurer’s right to intervene in third party actions
  • Appellate work to establish rights of insurers in worker’s compensation statutes that have often left ambiguities for interpretation
  • Contributions from coinsurers under other insurance clauses
  • Contributions against joint tortfeasor
  • Determination as to measure of damages ― actual cash value, replacement cost, market value and the broad evidence rule
  • Discovery of the liability insurer’s claim file
  • Discovery regarding confidential communications with the insureds
  • Implied coinsured doctrine in residential and commercial lease agreements
  • Indemnification against subcontractors
  • Made whole doctrine issues
  • Recovery of deductibles and self-insured retention
  • Recovery of economic loss, loss profit and goodwill and punitive damages and attorneys’ fees
  • Waivers of subrogation under AIA construction contracts, lease agreements, yield up clauses and Sutton rule

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