Partnerships That Work

There are many ways in which we partner with our clients, each unique and customized to their specific needs. We structure our arrangements so that they complement our client’s current subrogation efforts, and we work in concert with their current staff to maximize their subrogation results. We have a proven track record of success that directly contributes to our client’s bottom line. One of the ways that we partner with clients is through our file review process.

Our Services

Insurance Subrogation Group, LLC (ISG), Insurance Recovery Group, Inc. (IRG) and Uehlein & Associates, LLC (U&A) create unique working relationships with our client companies. We work as an in-house subrogation department, handle overflow files, or handle files on an ad hoc basis. To maximize recovery potential, most clients involve us in a file soon after notice of the loss or accident. Since most of our work is performed on a contingent fee basis, our clients’ costs are substantially reduced by avoiding or limiting outsourced services on an hourly fee basis to investigators and adjusters. Other clients with a dedicated subrogation internal team refer files after they have met a road block to recovery.

We have a proven track record. Our team will ensure that every claim receives a thorough review and all probable avenues of subrogation are investigated and analyzed so that every potential recovery dollar gets reimbursed at the earliest possible time.

We work with independent insurance adjusters, home-office adjusters, and third party administrators immediately after a loss to preserve evidence, gather critical information, and aggressively pursue clients’ subrogation rights. Our keen knowledge of insurance coverage and first party and third party claims procedures permits us to work effectively with the property, fidelity, workers’ compensation, liability, and subrogation recovery adjusters. Communication and team efforts are vital to a successful recovery. We also find that early involvement of insureds, employers, and employees in the subrogation process provides the best recovery outcomes. We provide our clients with ongoing communication regarding the investigation, our theories of liability, our analysis of the relevant legal issues and status on the ongoing recovery efforts.

Our services complement our clients’ subrogation programs with Investigation & Pursuit, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Litigation, File Review, and Seminars and Consulting.

File Review

Our Professional Team will set up a process to review all of your claims expeditiously to identify potential subrogation or second injury fund recoveries. As opposed to programs that claim to “data mine” by searching for keywords or so called predictive models, our team uses an “eyes on” approach to identify potential claims for further investigation. We provide file review on both open and closed claims to identify missed subrogation opportunities.