Shannon Warren, Esq. Selected As Speaker For NASP Webinar July 27, 2021

Shannon Warren has been selected as a speaker and will be presenting a webinar for National Association of Subrogation Professionals (NASP) on July 27, 2021 at 1:00 PM EST. Shannon will be co-presenting with Chad Jones of Warren Forensics. The webinar is entitled “Cooking with Subrogation – Commercial Cooking Fires: What to Look for and Who Might be Responsible”.

Using case studies, the presenters will discuss a variety of scenarios that lead to kitchen fires.  The case studies will involve scenarios that are often undetected and misunderstood due to complex code requirements and less commonly understood equipment, such as solid fueled cooking devices like pizza ovens and small broilers like cheese melters and salamanders.  Specific attention will be focused on clearance requirements to combustibles and other possible ignition scenarios that should be considered when investigating commercial kitchen fires.  Code recommended inspection and cleaning frequencies will be reviewed along with the parties responsible and documentation required for the cleaning.  The concept of long term, low temperature ignition of wood will be discussed as it relates to potential sources of ignition for fires, along with the cautions around this concept.

Tying the technical topics together will be the legal considerations including selection of parties to place on notice, preservation and spoliation of evidence, and specific litigation strategies involving these types of losses. Strategies include discovery tactics, selection of witnesses, and evidentiary considerations including expert testimony. One may register at the following link: